Private Office Suites

With the privacy of your own office, have peace of mind that all your business needs are together in one place. 


Have the freedom to come and go at your leisure, all members have full access to all services and facilities at no extra cost including 

Boardroom & Meeting room access

24 hour access

Full amenities, coffee, tea, fruit etc. 

Balcony access

Fast NBN internet

Full access to workshops and seminars



AIMBC is a specialist business when you are looking for office space. We offer modern and desirable premises and a key location that anyone looking for coworking space Melbourne wide will definitely benefit being apart of.


If you are looking for the shared office Melbourne businesses desire then look no further and contact us. We are friendly and very efficient. We have a professional team who will assist you with any of your business needs and requirements to suit your particular event or meeting.

You may simply need a small business office to utilise for a few days or longer periods. You may be unsure where to look for excellent office space for lease Melbourne wide, in a large city with many areas and target markets AIMBC is perfectly situated close to the city to suit all of your business needs.


If you are a business that has started up from home and you are trying to attract a larger client base then we are the people to call. Simply pick up the phone or log onto our website and make a quick and easy booking. Our staff are always on hand to answer any of your enquiries and assist you with your particular business requirements or requests.



Holding an important meeting on your couch at home, or around your kitchen table is not the way to impress clients when you are wanting to make a great first impression. First impressions are everything in business and often the key to clenching an important business deal or attracting a new client to grow your business.


AIMBC realise this and have the best private office suites available to suit all of your needs.

We have modern, relaxed and comfortable rooms with fast NBN so you are connected to the world. You certainly don’t want to be conducting an event or meeting where there is no internet access. In today’s competitive business market it would be a mistake. You know yourself how annoying it is when you don’t have access to the internet and really need it to access important business information, look up statistics, compare prices or generally research and conduct business while you are there.


Our private office suites are perfectly located in Carlton. Statistics show that the majority of businesses in Melbourne are happier conducting business close to Melbourne’s CBD as compared to travelling to a distant location.


Carlton offers a wide range of facilities close to AIMBC. Public transport definitely, but also a great choice of restaurants and cafes close by. We will assist you to cater an event or business function, or you can walk your clients to one of many restaurants for an impressive lunch.


You may be a large business who does not have the space and needs to lease private office suites, needs access to a board room or our training facilities may suit your business needs.


You may simply need to rent an office for a short period of time to conduct your business affairs or work in a relaxed and professional environment while you are searching for your own office space.

We definitely have the facilities to suit your needs. Our private office suites are climate controlled. Warm in those cold winter months and air conditioned in the summer months. We are competitively priced and cost effective when you are looking to rent a private office suite.


Look no further. Contact AIMBC today and we will look after you.

AIMBC offers premier private office suites perfect for hot desking. Many businesses and offices utilise their space perfectly for the added value of a share desk situation. Our private office suite rental is no different. We are set up for anyone to utilize our desk space and know that a permanent desk situation is not always required. AIMBC utilizes this fact and has the facilities so that any business can come in and set up wherever they please to conduct their work or seminars.


Hot desking is a smart and much more affordable use of space. These private suites with hot desking arrangements are great for brain storming ideas and working in a team environment. Great for bouncing ideas offeach other in AIMBC’s suites, networking and cross training.

modern-office 2

AIMBC knows the benefits a business or individual can gain by renting our modern, well appointed, well positioned, professional and business friendly private office suites. Private suites with hot desking facilities for those that require them and suites with permanent desk arrangements, suiting every individuals or businesses requirements.


The benefits highly out weigh the negatives and our loyal customer base and returning business is proof of this. AIMBC is up to date, forward thinking and ahead of all the business trends that will suit you and your business.

Companies bring in their teams and set up at any of our simple desks for the time they require. When you have a constant flow of businesses and people it is imperative these arrangements are understood and met.


Research has shown that business conducted in a hot desk environment is very conducive for forward thinking and very successful ideas and collaborations within a team, training, seminar, brain storming environment.

Our offices are very secure and clients can rest assured their business dealings will be as open or private as required. AIM Business Centres are aware of a client’s privacy and need for total solitude if required when hiring and utilising a private business suite. The rooms are segregated so you won’t be constantly interrupted with outside noise that can distract from the important work that is being conducted. Our offices are easily accessed via public transport and located close to the Melbourne CBD. This is a benefit for many conducting business in Melbourne.


If you need to work solo we also offer a permanent desk arrangements in our private rental suites. You have full access to all of our amenities and seminars if you wish, but have the security of privacy so you can work alone without disruption.


Our climate controlled office suites are perfectly suited for a professional needing quiet space to conduct their important work in. Writers who need to get away will hire an office from us for this reason alone. They can escape to a quiet work place away from family and other distractions. They have all of the tech features and amenities at hand and further services we provide if they wish to use them.